Social Media for Small Business

You know what Social Networking is but don't have time for it

You also know that your competitors are using Social Media to their advantage but you don't have the time to learn what & how to use it

We can take away the stress of managing your Social Media so that you can focus on running your business.

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Putting it simply, Social Ink manages your Social Networks upon your behalf. You give us your latest news and content
We then push it to the social networks as you.

Which Social Media Platform is right for you?

Let us help you determine which social media channels best fit you audience to help you achieve your business objectives.

  • Easy to use

    Send us your content, we will ensure it hits the networks quickly and efficiently

  • High visibility

    We know how to get to the audiences your business attracts

  • Support

    We will always be here for you when you need it the most. If you have any questions just get in touch with us.

  • Whats Social Networking?

    Don't worry about it, we will educate you and use only the relevant social networks for your business

  • Plain English

    We put everything in plain english so you understand it fully

  • What about SEO?

    Yes we do that as well, but SEO is no use nowadays without telling the audience what your message is - thats where Social Ink comes in. We combine effective SEO techniques with Social Media. If you want someone to do your onsite SEO as well, we can also do that - see our Search Engine Optimisation page for more details on those packages

Check the prices of our playground.

Free Advice 30 mins consultation See how we can help See what we do
Bronze 1 weekly update Two social accounts
Silver 2 weekly update Three social accounts Statistics Report
Gold Daily updates Five social accounts Statistics Report

*If you don’t have a social media business account, these can be set up for only £25 per account.

Who are we?

Behind the scenes, we are Simon Antony Ltd, a well known and respected Digital Media Agency that has split it's social management side of the business into Social Ink where we can concentrate more upon your specific needs.
We are a Digital Agency with a social media management department that have the expertise to establish, improve and maintain your company’s Social Media platforms, whether they be Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linked In or any of the others.

How do you improve my Social Presence?

Our goal is to help you build a social presence and raise awareness of your products and services online. We will be your voice on the major social media networks but your customers will think it's actually coming from you.
Our services are aimed at the small to medium sized business who might know the importance of social media, but are perhaps time poor, lack skill or knowledge and just want the job done right.

Recent Example of a company we've helped

ETK Lettings, a UK static caravan holiday website
Static Caravan Holidays in the UK

ETK Lettings, a new static caravan listing service for caravan owners selling their holiday availability.

High quality properties from verified owners, we ensure you get the most from your budget.
We've used Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and traditional email campaigns to improve the social presence of ETK Lettings.

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